Wooden Tea Box Handcrafted Nabateans Al-Moazat - صندوق شاي


Quran Verses:

Wooden Tea Box Handcrafted Nabateans Al-Moazat  - صندوق شاي

wooden tea box with compartment.

This Dark Brown tea/coffee box has been designed to store your favorite specialist tea or coffee packets.

In addition to being designed as a tea box they can also be used as a storage box for trinkets, keepsakes, jewelery and more, they are great for storage of any dinky items!
There are removable dividers inside; to form the compartments, which will allow you to use this as a single storage compartment if required.
Perfect for home or work use, leave them just as they are with an attractive dark brown rustic matt finish or they can be decorated with paint, mosaic, pyrography, decoupage, engraved etc. A handsome strong, brass latch provides the finishing touch to close the box easily, smoothly and firmly to keep everything fresh.