Sterling Silver Pin Brooch For Baby - Mashallah



Sterling Silver Pin Brooch For Baby - Mashallah

What's written on the pendent is:

"ما شاء الله"

Mashalla is an Arabic phrase used to show appreciation for a person or happening. Also it said to protect the person or any object from evil eye. It shows respect, and also reminds that everything is achieved by the will of God. The closest English translation is "In His Name and as He Wills" It is used to show joy and praise, and is evoked upon hearing good news or seeing something very beautiful to avoid giving it an evil eye.

  • All Silver are High Quality Sterling Silver 925.
  • The Pin is 925 High Quality Sterling  Silver.
  • The Brooch is 925 Silver with rhodium plated to keep the silver shiny and slowing the process of oxidation. However, we advice you to check the manual at our blogs page on how to home clean the silver easily and keep it shiny.
  • Come with elegant Wrapping.
  • This item is exclusive to KinzJewels™

Dimensions:  2.4 * 1.5 cm

Weight: 2.3 g