ROSARY Beads Mother Of Pearl Cross



ROSARY Beads Mother Of Pearl Cross

This fine Rosary is excellent quality has 7 mm real mother of pearl beads, silver tone metal Catholic Crucifix with word "Jerusalem" engraved convexly on the back side and medal (one side - icon of Virgin Mary & baby Jesus, other side - Holy Soil from Bethlehem, With the words "Terra Jerusalem").

The crucifix is made of zinc and coated with silver, preventing corrosion.

This Rosary is handmade in Bethlehem the Holy Land by local Christian craftsmen. Measures approximately 50 cm.

 The meaning of the Latin originated word Rosary is a crown of roses, as the rose being one of the flowers symbolizing the Virgin Mary. The purpose of the Rosary is to help keep in memory certain principal events in the history of salvation, and to accompany you with blessings during your prayers. First are the introductory prayers: one Apostles Creed, one Our Father (Lord’s Prayer), three Hail Mary’s one Glory Be.

*Treat your loved ones with an amazing gift from the Holy Land.*

Please Note* Because it is hand-crafted from raw olive wood, wood coloration may vary from that shown in photos! There are no two a like. Each item is unique in the grain and color.

Your Purchase supports Christian craftsman in Bethlehem, The birthplace of Jesus Christ.

    Rosary is a prayer article used especially in the Catholic Church named for the string of prayer beads used to count the component prayers. The prayers that essentially compose the Rosary are arranged in sets of ten Hail Marys with each set preceded by one Lords Prayer and followed by one Glory Be. During recitation of each set, known as a decade, thought is given to one of the Mysteries of the Rosary, which recall events in the lives of Jesus and Mary. Normally, five decades are recited in a session. Other prayers are sometimes added after each decade (in particular, the Fátima Prayer) and before (in particular, the Apostles Creed), and after (in particular, the Hail, Holy Queen) the five decades taken as a whole. The rosary as a material object is an aid towards saying these prayers in the proper sequence.