Kinz Personalized Wooden Book Two Frames



Kinz Personalized Wooden Book Two Frames

A great personalized gift for any anniversary or event.

It's a great side gift to present the jewelry, or alone as a main gift

Birthday, graduation, gift card, formal or casual gifts and anything can be suitable for this masterpiece.

We will design the text on one side.

We will place the image you sent on the other.

We will engrave one or two names outside with the date.


Dimensions and options:

Small: 20 * 3 * 13 cm, Width: 10 cm for one side.

Medium: 25 * 3 * 16 cm Width: 12.5 cm for one side.

Regular: 31 * 3 * 21.5 cm Width: 15.5 cm for one side.

XLarge: 41 * 3 * 31 cm Width: 20.5 cm for one side.