Kinz Car Mirror Hanging or Keychain or Pendant Silver Turquoise - Allah



Kinz Car Mirror Hanging or Keychain Silver Turquoise - Allah

What's written on the pendent is:

" االله "

"Allah" in English letters.

  • All Silver are high quality Silver.
  • The Chain is Italian 925 Silver.
  • The Pendant is 925 Silve and Zircon stones round frame with rhodium plated to keep the silver shiny and slowing the process of oxidation. However, we advice you to check the manual at our blogs page on how to home clean the silver easily and keep it shiny.
  • Come with elegant wrapping.
  • All stones are genuine Turquoise.
  • The length of the item is standard and tested to be suitable for hanging without long swings.

Full Dimensions:

Car Mirror Hanging Height: ~19.5 cm
Car Mirror Hanging Weight: ~ 9.1 g
Keychain Weight: ~ 12 g

Pendant Dimensions: 4.80 g
Pendant Weight: 2 x 2.8 cm