High Quality Brass Water Pourer



High Quality Brass Water Pourer


Each unique copper piece is hand made by experienced artisans in India. They are engraved by tapping a chisel and a stamp. Our copper smiths use the heaviest copper (thickest coffee pots we have ever found) for their work and you can be assured these will last for many generations! They are tin lined inside for durability and ease of cleaning.



Copper, more than any other metal, is known for its ability to diffuse heat evenly and conduct it quickly throughout its surface. Hence, it is used all over the world as high-efficiency conductors of heat and are especially coveted for their ability to quickly bring water to a boil. They are easy to care for, needing only an occasional cleaning with a soft, damp cloth. Also, they tend to look better and gain more character as they age...just like people!


Made in India

Color will never change

Not 100% perfect because it's Handmade

100% Solid Brass


Medium:  serving 2-4 coffee cups

Large:  serving  3-5 coffee cups

Depend on the cups.