Ayat Al Kursi Silver With Zircon Stones



Ayat Al Kursi Silver With Zircon Stones

The Throne Verse, it explains that Allah is Ever-Living, Self-Subsisting and Self Sustaining. As such, He is eternally awake and alert otherwise the Universe will cease to exist. Allah does not suffer from boredom as He takes great interest in His creation. Nor does He grow tired because His existence is not subject to change. He is the First Cause of everything and possesses infinite power. He owns everything and is the Master of the Day of Judgment. As such, we should worship Allah and seek His assistance in all affairs. He is the Source of all knowledge. Pondering over the meaning of Ayatul Kursi opens subtle secrets and knowledge of the Universe in our hearts.

It believed that this verse will protect from evil eyes and demons.

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